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BA Insight Brings Together Elasticsearch and SharePoint
Adds 50+ connectors, classification software, and applications to Elasticsearch stack 

Boston, MA – July 8, 2015  – BA Insight announces immediate availability of Elasticsearch for SharePoint.  This out of the box software integrates Elasticsearch with SharePoint and allows Elasticsearch to be accessed through SharePoint portals without reliance on custom software development.  In addition, BA Insight’s complete software portfolio is now available for the popular open source Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK) stack.  For organizations using SharePoint, this adds many powerful real-time search and analytics capabilities that are not possible with native SharePoint while saving time and money on the development of portals to access Elasticsearch applications.
This integration deepens the partnership between BA Insight and Elastic (the company behind the ELK stack).  Elastic customers can now easily surface their applications in corporate portals. The integration also adds a wide range of capabilities to Elasticsearch: 
Customers now have the flexibility to use the search engine within SharePoint or Elasticsearch- or combine the results from both into a single result set.
BA Insight makes it possible for Elasticsearch and SharePoint to work seamlessly together,” said Steve Kearns, Director of Product Management at Elastic. “By enabling Elastic’s powerful real-time search and analytics capabilities in SharePoint, enterprises will be able to optimize how they use data within their applications and portals.” 

“Combining Elasticsearch and SharePoint opens up a world of exciting applications for our customers, ranging from geosearch and pattern search through search on machine data, data visualization, and low-latency search,” said Jeff Fried, CTO of BA Insight. “This integration means you can use the right tool for the right job. For example, in one portal you might have a geo-aware search application powered by Elasticsearch along with the people search from SharePoint, which has presence and contact cards built in.”   

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BA Insight’s software addresses the Speed to Information challenge organizations face by quickly connecting SharePoint users to the knowledge they need – linking key enterprise systems with an easy-to-implement, use and upgrade software portfolio. Our software enhances SharePoint out-of-the-box, increasing user adoption while decreasing user complaints. It replaces slow, high effort, and expensive customized approaches with easy to use, off-the-shelf software.

Our software portfolio includes connectors and federation to provide secure connectivity to a wide variety of systems; classification to increase findability using auto-tagging, metadata generation, and text analytics; applications to improve the user experience with search squarely at the interface of users and information; and analytics to provide valuable data to make intelligent decisions about your intranet.

Hundreds of organizations and millions of users benefit from BA Insight’s software on a daily basis to provide compelling intranets that people love to use including the Australian Government Department of Defence, CA Technologies, Chevron, Keurig Green Mountain, Mars, Pepsi, Pfizer, and Travers Smith. BA Insight is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and an Elastic Partner.

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