SharePoint and Elasticsearch: Better Together

Take advantage of the most popular, fastest-growing open source search technology to deliver powerful search applications through SharePoint portals

Multiply the Value of Elasticsearch

With BA Insight’s Elasticsearch support for SharePoint 2013, Elastic can be used with out-of-the-box SharePoint portals without reliance on custom software development. And, the BA Insight Software Portfolio provides a comprehensive set of capabilities:

The Right Tool for the Right Job

SharePoint search out of the box does not do everything desired. BA Insight integration with SharePoint adds Elasticsearch capabilities to provide the following benefits:

  • No customizations needed
  • Results from SharePoint search and Elasticsearch combined into a single result set and surfaced in corporate portals
  • Enhanced search capabilities by taking advantage of the open source nature of Elasticsearch
  • Flexibility to use the search engine within SharePoint, Elasticsearch, or a hybrid solution comprised of SharePoint search and Elasticsearch

About Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a distributed, open source search and analytics engine based on Lucene. Elasticsearch's mission is to make massive amounts of data usable for businesses everywhere by delivering the world’s most advanced search and analytics engine. The open source Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) is commercially supported by the company elastic (www.elastic.co).

Use Cases For Elasticsearch

There are many use cases for Elasticsearch. People all around the world from every industry are leveraging the power of Elastic products to do incredible work — from real-time search to log analysis to customizable data visualization. Elasticsearch is inside of many popular solutions including eBay, Linkedin, Wikipedia, and WordPress – and it is the basis of Microsoft’s Azure search offering.



Already Using Elasticsearch? Add new Capabilities

A wide range of additional capabilities is added to Elasticsearch when combined with SharePoint and BA Insight:

SharePoint is nearly ubiquitous in enterprises and has been proven to be a highly effective portal solution with a large support ecosystem. BA Insight makes Elasticsearch appear as a native search service in SharePoint, not as a remote web page or service. Reach broader audiences by allowing SharePoint users to securely consume data from your Elasticsearch cluster. 



Already using SharePoint?  Add new Capabilities

Here are some examples of things you can do using our Elasticsearch solution that are not possible with native SharePoint:

  • 1
    Geosearch applications (ranging from counter-terrorism through sales territory management to oil exploration) are enabled by the geolocation, aggregation, and join features in Elasticsearch
  • 2
    Pattern search (such as searching across complex part numbers or scanning for PII) using Elasticsearch’s queries, filters, and aggregations, which can be combined to solve the most complex matching problems
  • 3
    Low-latency search applications (such as searching over news feeds, social media feeds, financial transactions, or active email and chat communications) can provide immediate insight using Real-Time Data and Real-Time Analytics in Elasticsearch
  • 4
    Search on machine data (such as IT application management or sensor monitoring) can use Logstash to collect and process logs to improve operations management
  • 5
    Data visualization applications (such as real-time dashboards or heatmap panels) uses Kibana to gain insights that can improve your products or streamline your business

Elasticsearch's extreme scale and distributed architecture can be applied to solve the hardest problems, from big data to the trickiest global search challenges.