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Written by Guest Author - Agnes Molnar

With SharePoint 2013, Microsoft offered a significant increase in Search functionality that might suggest that it is the ultimate Enterprise Search solution. Companies like to think about SharePoint 2013 Search as a “working out of the box” solution, rather than a platform.

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Written by Jillian Derby

The AIIM Industry Watch Survey titled, “Connecting and Optimizing SharePoint – Important Strategy Choices” was recently released. It surveyed 422 AIIM members about their adoption of SharePoint. The stats and key findings reported by AIIM correlate with our research. There is a need and want within organizations to enhance SharePoint further to become a true search-driven intranet portal.

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Written by Rem Purushothaman

In the final part of this series, I'll introduce and discuss the User Experience pillar. This is the easiest of the four pillars for everyone to understand because it relates to the topics involving the search user interface (UI). The user interface is what your users interact with, so it's really important that it provides a great experience from a usability and visual perspective.

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Written by Joel Oleson

Due to the popularity of Google in the consumer world, many bring that as the analogy of what they are looking for in the enterprise. Beyond the more than 3,000 engineers that Google has working on their Search algorithms, ranking, and relevancy of results, there are many other ways that you simply cannot compare Google to your internal Intranet search. 

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Written by Jeff Fried

It seems that hybrid is everywhere these days. As I write this, SPTechCon is happening in Austin Arpan Shah of Microsoft just did a keynote in which he emphasized successful hybrid scenarios in which people are unaware where documents or data are being stored. Hybrid was featured in sessions by my friends Christina Wheeler, Christian Buckley, Ben Curry, and Jason Himmelstein. Hybrid was also a theme in the "SharePoint at the Crossroads" panel which included BA Insight's own Joel Oleson, along with other famous SharePoint experts.

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