SharePoint Search

Provide Internet-Like Enterprise Search Experiences

Though SharePoint “Out of the Box” (OOTB) can be effective as a standalone content and collaboration platform, you need more for a successful intranet and enterprise search implementation. Our Enterprise Search Power Pack delivers capabilities that enhance SharePoint to behave more like internets.

If your SharePoint is used as an intranet or portal, then it is probably heavily customized. Custom code causes ballooning complexity and costs and often produces underwhelming results. Systems integrators that have practices to customize SharePoint end up creating long-term dependencies that hamper your ability to upgrade or be responsive to your users.

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BA Insight Multiplies the Benefits of SharePoint

BA Insight’s software addresses the above mentioned gaps. Our products all provide capabilities that dramatically extend SharePoint. 

The BAI Software Portfolio exploits the search index in SharePoint as well as the Metadata Management, User Profile, and BI services - and extends these with a comprehensive set of connectivity, text analytics, and user interaction capabilities. With our software, you can rapidly assemble and deploy intranets and portals that present information in ways users love - regardless of its structure or where it resides in your organization.

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Search-First Migration Strategy to SharePoint 2013

A Search-First Migration Strategy enables a phased implementation approach and a safer path to adoption of SharePoint 2013. It does not require any changes to the existing infrastructure and provides a mechanism for content to remain in the current repository while the technology and search engine for the enterprise advance forward – reducing risk and providing rapid time-to-value. Learn more.

BA Insight products complement SharePoint OOTB features, eliminate the need for custom code, and help get the project done quicker.