Search Solutions for Life Sciences

Drive Innovation while Adhering to Information Governance and Security Requirements

Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies face similar challenges. Our software has helped solve these problems and more through the application of search technology.

R&D Inefficiency

Lack of easy and rapid access to information causes duplication of effort in R&D, is extremely expensive, and slows innovation.  The top cause of this is information silos - information stored in many different systems.  Because of this, researchers often "re-invent the wheel".  The solution is to create an internet-like search experience by providing a single access point to a unified view of information across multiple systems.  Organizations have saved hundreds of millions of dollars in R&D by taking advantage of this approach.

M&A Integration

The cadence of biotech mergers and acquisitions is accelerating, and the inability to quickly access information and expertise across the merged organization causes lost revenue and missed market opportunities, while also increasing risk.  Leading organizations have made knowledge and expertise available companywide via their intranets within three weeks by connecting across systems, adding common metadata, and surfacing information through search.

Provider Services

Healthcare providers are an essential part of the supply chain, and poor or slow provider service is costly, frustrating, and results in poor customer service.  A leading pharmaceutical company recently deployed a support portal by taking advantage of our connectors to integrate a variety of systems which reduced physician response time from three days to one.

Employee Collaboration

When collaboration and co-operation is poor, innovation and efficiency suffer.  Effective search on the corporate intranet has saved hundreds of thousands of hours and dramatically improved collaboration in the process. By providing search solutions that integrate information and deliver results users expect, it increases their productivity, enables them to leverage existing information, and increases knowledge reuse and transfer. 

Regulatory Compliance

Adherence to FDA guidance, compliance and regulatory requirements under tight timelines is extremely difficult, and the cost of penalties and recalls is enormous.  Using software to identify documents of record, scan for non-compliance, and identify and protect data exposures can ensure compliance and decrease risk.

Clinical Trial Management

In deciding whether to continue or stop drug trials, a lack of key information can result in billion dollar mistakes.  Educated decisions require access to all clinical trial data available, inclusive of market and research data spread across multiple systems.

Intranet Engagement

When an intranet is ineffective, it has a detrimental impact on an organization’s efficiency.  If users are not actively engaging with their intranet multiple times per day, then it is not as effective as it should or could be.

Our Life Sciences Experience

BA Insight has been implementing next-generation intranets and enterprise search at visionary life sciences companies such as Allergan, Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer for over 12 years, helping provide secure access to critical and relevant information that drive competitive advantages.  Researchers, developers, clinical technicians, manufacturing, and others enjoy an internet-like search experience to efficiently find the relevant information they need from within their SharePoint portals, increasing productivity and reducing redundancy.

Life Sciences Clients

Some of the benefits our life sciences customers
have achieved include:

  • Ability to quickly find needed information, regardless of where it is
  • Acceleration of research and time-to-market
  • Better monitoring of publications on various subjects
  • Experts and key opinion leaders are found much more quickly
  • Enables IT agility, speeding up responsiveness to the business

Capabilities of our Life Sciences Knowledge Management Solution:

  • 1
    Connectivity to enterprise systems including Veeva Vault, Documentum, Box, and more.
  • 2
    Autoclassification to increase findability using auto-tagging, metadata generation, and text analytics.
  • 3
    Smart Previews to explore content instantly, regardless of where the content resides or what type of file it is, including full hit-highlighting and dynamic hit-mapping for fast and efficient relevance assessment.
  • 4
    Expertise Locator to pinpoint subject matter experts quickly from across the organization to leverage their insights and get ideas, advice, and answers that help employees perform their jobs better.
  • 5
    User-Generated InfoSites to allow users to easily create knowledge centers and intranet pages that present related information together.
  • 6
    Smart Analytics to provide valuable data about your SharePoint intranet, enabling intelligent decisions to be made.
  • 7
    Federated Search to address situations where one index isn’t possible.