The Google Search Appliance for SharePoint

Use the Most Predominant Portal Platform

With BA Insight’s GSA for SharePoint, you can use SharePoint as your portal and, over time, transition from GSA to one of the leading search engines, such as SharePoint search or Elasticsearch.

BA Insight’s GSA for SharePoint offers the following benefits:

  • Ability to run GSA concurrently with Elasticsearch and/or SharePoint search, making for an easy transition
  • The extensive capabilities of BA Insight's Software Portfolio can be added as your needs evolve
  • No need for customization with an off-the-shelf software solution
  • Configurable and extensible - not a black-box solution
  • Ability to leverage SharePoint as a portal
  • Works with O365 and Hybrid SharePoint, as well as on-prem
  • Option to select the search engine(s) that best meets your needs
  • Fully supported commercial software with a secure future
  • Minimal impact on users during migration

GSA Replacement Program

  • Free 30 day proof-of-concept
  • Implementation fee waived
  • First month of subscription fee waived
  • Additional discount on BAI software portfolio

Extend the Google Search Appliance

The BA Insight Software Portfolio includes:

  • Smart Analytics - Analytics turn user insight into action
  • Connectivity – Secure connectors and federation to over 50 enterprise systems
  • Classification – Auto-tagging, metadata generation, and text analytics increase findability
  • Applications – Visual Refiners, Smart Previews, Expertise Locator, Search for Salesforce, Matter Comparison, and User-Generated InfoSites improve user productivity

Leverage Different Search Engines to Optimize Results

Support for multiple search engines including SharePoint search, Elasticsearch, Office 365 search, and cloud hybrid search means you can use the search engines you already have - with the confidence that you can easily adapt new ones. Select the best engine for new projects, add specialized capabilities into existing intranets, or combine multiple search engines into a single result.