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BA Insight’s Software Portfolio makes it possible to connect SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premise to enterprise systems so that you can implement intranets with internet-like search experiences.  Our software is easy to implement, use and upgrade, replacing traditional approaches that require customization.

The BA Insight Software Portfolio enhances SharePoint out-of-the-box, increasing user adoption while decreasing user complaints. It includes:

  • Connectors and federation to provide secure connectivity to a wide variety of systems
  • Classification to increase findability using auto-tagging, metadata generation, and text analytics
  • Applications to enable internet-like search and refinement to help users quickly find relevant information
  • Analytics to improve the user experience by turning user insights into action

    Multiply the Benefits of SharePoint

     Building portals and intranets that boost productivity

It is critical to create a unified, role-based platform that allows users to find the knowledge they need, FAST. That means extending beyond what can be done with SharePoint Out of the Box (OOTB), complementing its features without a lot of custom coding to deploy powerful capabilities more quickly.

The BA Insight Software Portfolio delivers a comprehensive set of connectivity, metadata classification, and user interaction software that builds on SharePoint’s Metadata Management, User Profile, and BI Services. This allows rapid assembly and deployment of platforms that present information in ways users love- regardless of its structure or where it resides in your organization.

BA Insight keeps current with SharePoint so you can avoid painful maintenance and upgrade issues. Create unified, role-based intranets and portals well beyond what can be done with SharePoint OOTB so users can find the information they need, FAST.

How We Do It: Our Software

As a technology company, we invest heavily in the development of software that enables IT agility, removing infrastructure dependencies and roadblocks from application projects. Our Portfolio consists of: 



Secure connectors and federation to a wide variety of content systems enable unified views of all knowledge assets.



Auto-tagging, metadata generation, and text analytics make content findable.



Smart PreviewsVisual RefinersUser-Generated InfoSitesMatter ComparisonExpertise Locator, and Smart Analytics help users find relevant information faster for improved productivity.



Get the data you need to make intelligent decisions about your intranet

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