Make Your Employees Believe in Enterprise Search Again

BAI’s SmartHub is an open source, extensible search UI and an intelligent dynamic query modification engine that integrates with multiple search engines, providing the flexibility to choose the one that best suits your needs.

The UI layer utilizes standard web technology (HTML, JavaScript, CSS) for quick development, ease of maintenance, and full control over the user experience. Our dynamic query modification drives personalization, and through our indexing connectors it can handle even the most complex security configurations.

SmartHub supports Azure, Elasticsearch (on-premise and cloud), and SharePoint Search (on-premise and cloud).


SmartHub makes your intranet and enterprise search implementation intelligent by making it:

  • Proactive:  self-organizing, delivering personalized information
  • Interactive: provides users with tools that guide them to take action
  • Connected: bring relevant information to users, independent of where it resides 
  • Extensible: exploit emerging technologies such as machine learning and cognitive search

Key Features:

  • 1
    Internet-Like User Experience: a complete open source UI provides many features including visual refiners, intelligent type-ahead, and configurable results presentation.
  • 2
    Personalized and Relevant Information Delivery: our unique Dynamic Query Modification taps into each user’s context to provide personalized dashboards and highly relevant results.
  • 3
    Supports Multiple Platforms: lets you use the best search engine for the job, or mix-and-match them to handle a wide range of applications. Supports Azure, Elastic Cloud, Elasticsearch, Office 365, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint 2016 Search
  • 4
    Multi-Index Search: data residency, the use of multiple search engines, or sources which are not suitable to indexing make a single search index impossible. Search Orchestration transmits users’ queries to multiple indexes at once, providing a single interleaved set of search results and refiners.
  • 5
    Machine Learning-Based Recommendations and Analytics:  uses our SmartHub Analytics to surface recommendations and suggestions so that users have the information they need, when they need it.

Combined with other products in our software portfolio, SmartHub provides the following capabilities:

Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing are developing extremely quickly, and we will continue to add exciting new capabilities going forward.

Tap into the large AI investments Microsoft and Google have made at a low cost to you!