Smart Analytics for iManage

iManage Analytics is a comprehensive behavioral analytics solution for the iManage Work Document Management System.

It captures a detailed, time-stamped record of every user’s interaction with clients, matters, and documents and makes this data available through Power BI dashboards and reports that are simple to explore, manipulate, and export. You can import your complete iManage document history, immediately creating a rich information resource that serves a wide range of change management, information governance, and risk and compliance agendas.

Key Capabilities:

  • Adoption Reports - Understand how well and widely iManage is being used across your organization so that you can compare local adoption trends and issues and intervene quickly and accurately as required
  • Audit Reports - Identify all content touched by an individual or connector to any client/matter to support off/on-boarding, client release, etc.
  • Client and Matter Reports - Break down content utilization by Client or Matter to understand if iManage is being used correctly
  • Risk Reports - Optional real-time and alert reporting in relation to any designated risk behavior
  • Usage and User Reports - Get unique insights into user engagement and activity levels
  • Custom Reports - Our flexible and powerful reporting engine allows for easy creation of custom reports against a wide variety of iManage data, allowing flexibility in driving to the specific analytics important to your organization