We make search intelligent  by connecting machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems to help you power a new generation of intranets and cognitive search solutions.

Azure Search

Power Intelligent Search with Azure


Take Advantage of Open Source Search Technology

SharePoint/O365 Search

Extend SharePoint Out of the Box

intelligent intranet with integrated searchIntelligent Intranets are: 


delivering self-organizing, personalized information


providing you with tools that guide you to take action


bringing you relevant information, independent of where it resides 


engaging with emerging technologies such as machine learning and cognitive search

Our Experts

Sean Coleman

Sean Coleman

CTO and Chief Customer Officer

Sean actively contributes to BA Insight’s product and market strategy, and also works as an executive sponsor to many of its innovative customers.

Mike Gregory

Mike Gregory

Director of Systems Engineering

Mike works as an advisor to our prospects and customers, helping them develop solutions that address their search-specific business challenges.

Rick Fafard

Rick Fafard

Technical Director of Professional Services

Rick is an enterprise search consultant and trusted advisor who has led over 75 implementations globally.


BAI Advisory Board

Jeff Fried

Jeff Fried

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Jeff is a frequent speaker and writer in the Search industry. He holds 15 patents and has authored more than 50 technical papers.

Matt McDermott

Matthew McDermott

Founder and Director at Aptillon, Inc

Matthew is an eleven-time Microsoft SharePoint Server MVP specializing in Office 365 and SharePoint integration, strategy and implementation.

Kevin Watters

Kevin Watters

CEO and Owner at KMW Technology

Kevin has extensive expertise in enterprise search, big data and artificial intelligence, with a strong commitment to open source technology.

"To see everything light up from all our business solutions in one search results page in the cloud is pretty spectacular.”

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