Enterprise Search Power Pack

Make your Intranet More Internet-like

Search in SharePoint Intranets is Simply Not Good Enough

Enterprise Search/Intranet projects often fail because they do not meet users' expectations and do not deliver an internet-like user experience.

Users expect capabilities and functionality that they find standard on the internet.

Users’ expectations regarding how SharePoint search should work is heavily influenced by their use of internet sites such as Amazon, Expedia, and others.  In contrast, far too often, SharePoint intranet search provides just 10 blue links, lacking the quality and structure expected by end users.  Keyword queries, without any assistance from search, do not produce the desired results, leaving users frustrated, lowering adoption and negatively impacting productivity.   

Our Enterprise Search Power Pack delivers capabilities that enhance SharePoint to behave more like internets. By leveraging it to improve your intranet, you can drive adoption (more usage, more users), increase user satisfaction, and improve productivity without the need for costly and time-consuming custom development.  Software can be implemented together, or individually, and each addresses a specific internet capability.

Type Ahead and Inline Suggestions

These capabilities include:

  • Inline query suggestions for faster searching,
  • Type ahead grouped by metadata values,
  • Advanced pre-scoping to make search results more precise

Internet-like Widgets

We offer web parts that allow users to:

  • Submit feedback on their search experience
  • Run similar searches to ones they have run before,
  • Find content that was recently viewed by others, or
  • Quickly view recommended content. 
These utilities save users time and provide help when needed.

Mega Menu

A Mega Menu helps users navigate to the key places they use most often on the intranet. 

  • Grouped navigation eliminates scrolling
  • All navigation options displayed at once
Clear, consistent navigation makes users more productive.


Our software provides context-driven delivery of content.  This can be based on the user’s:

  • Location
  • Level in the organization
  • Current work
  • Any other attribute  
Search results are automatically tailored for each user

Dynamic Relevancy

Use terminology and vocabulary that is unique to your organization or industry as a part of your enterprise search/intranet implementation.  Built to enhance the core stemming capabilities of the SharePoint search engine, these advanced capabilities deal with spelling variations such as:

  • Alternative spellings such as British vs. US
  • True word root stemming beyond what SharePoint natively provides
  • Configurable word variations to allow for things such as abbreviations
Relevance of search results is enhanced without manual intervention

Page Layout Library

Our library of pre-defined page layouts provide:

  • Clearer pagination for easy to understand results
  • Quicker per page settings to simplify user interface configuration
  • Easier results sorting so users see results the way they want
  • Richer item displays
These can be applied to both search results and advanced search pages, offering you a wide range of improvements.