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BA Insight Announces Integration of Google Search Appliance with SharePoint

GSA Customers Now Have Access to the Most Predominant Portal Platform

Boston, MA – February 17, 2016 –BA Insight announces GSA for SharePoint, out-of-the-box software that integrates Google Search with SharePoint and provides a transition path for GSA customers to migrate to SharePoint search or Elasticsearch at any point in the future.

BA Insight also announced a GSA Replacement Program that provides a cost-effective alternative for replacing GSA with SharePoint/SharePoint Search, which is ubiquitous across enterprises, and/or Elasticsearch, the fastest growing open source search platform.  Customers can even replace GSA with a combination of SharePoint and Elasticsearch if so desired. 

With the news that the Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be discontinued, GSA customers now have an alternative that not only provides options for which search engine(s) to use, but also includes a full range of connectivity, preview, and other capabilities - all while reducing costs.

"In many organizations, GSA is used with connectors to search across a wide variety of enterprise and business systems.  It also provides document preview to view an image of a document without leaving the search results,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO of BA Insight.  "Our software portfolio provides these capabilities and more, allowing us to offer a solution that goes well beyond what the GSA or SharePoint provide.  This ensures GSA customers a strong growth path for the future."

Using BA Insight's software, GSA customers can immediately leverage SharePoint as a portal.  A search page or search application talks to the GSA, SharePoint search, or Elasticsearch with no change.  The integration allows the GSA to be used with Office 365 and hybrid SharePoint, as well as with SharePoint on-premise.

"Our technology gives organizations the ability to treat search engines as a switchable component so they can migrate quickly from the GSA and not face these challenges again in the future," said Jeff Fried, BA Insight's CTO.  "We also reduce the risk in a transition because companies can conduct A/B testing or just switch over the search UI between engines, falling back if needed.  They can then move forward with improvements and new capabilities, knowing that if they ever need to change again in the future, then they can easily do so."

About BA Insight

As an innovator in the Cognitive Search Market, BA Insight’s best of breed approach helps companies  make search intelligent by providing technology that connects machine learning, cognitive computing, and enterprise systems, powering a new generation of intranets and cognitive search solutions.  Our customers have the freedom to leverage the best search engines and cognitive computing capabilities available, providing users with an internet-like search experience while saving them precious time looking for needed information.  We support multiple search platforms including Azure Search; Elasticsearch and Elastic Cloud; and SharePoint search (online, on-prem, and hybrid).

Our modular software product portfolio features SmartHub, delivering a personalized, internet-like user experience; connectors, providing secure connectivity to a wide variety of systems; classification, increasing findability using auto-tagging, text analytics, and metadata generation; and analytics, providing valuable data to make intelligent decisions about your intranet.

Hundreds of organizations and over 3.5 million users benefit from BA Insight’s software on a daily basis to provide compelling intranets that people love to use.  This includes respected organizations such as the Australian Government Department of Defence, CA Technologies, Chevron, DLA Piper, Keurig Green Mountain, Mars, Pepsi, Pfizer, and Travers Smith. BA Insight is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and an Elastic Partner.

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