West km Connector for SharePoint 

West km is Thomson Reuters’ knowledge management solution for law firms.

SharePoint is often used by law firms as the platform of choice to centralize the firm’s information assets, creating one central location where attorneys and firm professionals can turn to for collaborative legal teamwork and centrally discover and access information that is spread across several firm data stores.

The BA Insight West km connector for SharePoint supports search across transaction and litigation documents, including the creation of custom search results pages. The connector takes full advantage of all the documents in the firm’s DMS that have searchable West km metadata, enabling the users to search off of multiple fields within a single piece of metadata using BA Insight’s parametric search, which creates a cube of metadata that the user can slice and dice.

The connector also supports the West km AutoTagger, software that brings the Thomson Reuters’ West km legal industry entity extraction solution and Microsoft SharePoint together. The product allows for unlimited amounts of content to be tagged from over 50 sources. Law firms can tag content with citations, litigation information (such as court, judge, attorney, and litigation category), and transactional data (such as defined terms, parties, applicable law). This metadata dramatically improves attorneys’ ability to quickly find, explore, and compare information, which translates to higher productivity and an overall improved litigation and transactional law process.

In addition to West km, the BA Insight software portfolio includes a number of other connectors such as Aderant, Autonomy Worksite/iManage, Elite / 3E, LegalKEY NetDocuments, PLC/Practical Law, ProLaw, and RealPractice.

Future-proof your investment for new SharePoint versions and O365

With each successive version of SharePoint, Microsoft extends its core capabilities, and the same is true of new releases of West km. BA Insight does the hard work of keeping the connector up to date for both West km and SharePoint. In addition, the West km Connector also supports O365 through Cloud SSA and current versions of SharePoint on-premise including 2010, 2013, and 2016.

The upgrades are easy to do and can be done by your IT organization. It is a matter of accessing the BA Insight customer portal, downloading the latest release and installing and configuring it.  Or, if desired, our professional services team can handle the upgrades.

Drive end-user engagement

By connecting West km to SharePoint, you increase adoption of your intranet, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.