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SharePoint Analytics provide valuable data to make intelligent decisions about your intranet

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the most widely used technologies in the world. Its place as the preferred platform for intranets, extranets, and portals makes it a key component of any organization’s content access and sharing initiatives. Many organizations do not have a good way of knowing how SharePoint is being used and if there is a measurable return on their investments. SharePoint teams often waste valuable time trying to derive analytics from their systems through the out of the box SharePoint analytics, including those new features available in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016, to ultimately find that this information is not helpful or difficult to access.

Smart Analytics for SharePoint (part of the BA Insight software portfolio) was designed specifically for the complexities and varied use cases of SharePoint, allowing organizations to get unprecedented information and detail around how the environment is leveraged and how it is delivering value to users. Available for SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint online, Smart Analytics provides the answer to the SharePoint analytics problem.

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Smart Analytics ROI

Smart Analytics was designed from the ground up to address enterprise scale SharePoint implementations.  Many analytics packages fall short in delivering real value, while simultaneously meeting the complex data requirements of these organizations.  Smart Analytics addresses the needs of these enterprises in a number of ways:

  • 1
    Dynamic Content, Driven by Analytics. The true power of analytics lies in the ability to leverage the data identified to improve the system being analyzed.  In most cases, this required manual intervention to interpret the analytics and make changes to the system.  Smart Analytics allows business users to directly leverage the analytics data within the SharePoint system, automatically.  This drives suggested content to other users based on usage, or suggest similar content that other users accessed.  This closed loop system reduces administrative overhead and drives analytics value automatically back into the system.
  • 2
    Anonymization and Tracking Control. Varied data privacy laws require consideration and validation when capturing any analytics tied to user behavior.  Many organizations do not realize that their analytics programs do not comply with these laws, which opens them up to liability.  Smart Analytics allows configurable options to determine when to track, and which users to track, even offering an option to anonymize user data to ensure full data privacy protection.
  • 3
    Access Permissions. Business owners are really the audience that analytics data is most valuable for.  However, typical analytics packages deliver data only to an IT audience, making it difficult for business owners and sponsors to view and act on the data.  This is often because analytics data is not secured or segmented to show individual business owners analytic data that is relevant to them.  Smart Analytics addresses this by providing the capability to determine access permissions for analytical data, tying that to the business owners who want to view the data.
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    Custom Dashboards and Reports. Our customers tell us that a common drawback of other analytics applications comes from the vast number of reports and data thrown at users in a rigid interface.  This information overload prevents users from identifying the key metrics that are important to them and highlighting that information in an easy to understand way.  Smart Analytics not only allows for custom report generation, but it also allows for custom dashboarding.  These dashboards can be quickly created to visually represent the key analytic metrics that are the most important for your business users.  This cuts out the noise and makes key data easy to understand and digest.

Our Smart Analytics software provides tools and reports to help you turn user insights into action to improve your search center’s performance:

  • Portal Analytics - A collection of reports that focus on user actions, visits, page loading times, and volume.
  • Search Analytics - A collection of reports that display the key performance analytics across all of your SharePoint search centers during an ad-hoc time interval.
  • User Analytics - A collection of reports that display the measures of how specific users are searching and accessing content, including the SharePoint sites where this content is located, during an ad-hoc time interval.  Additional information into how content is refined, and how it is previewed/accessed is also provided.  (Advanced refinement available via the BA Insight Visual Refiners, and instant full fidelity preview available through BA Insight Smart Previews).
  • Query Analytics - A collection of reports that display analyses of query terms and the query results during an ad-hoc time interval, that can be used to tune the SharePoint search center.
  • Content Analytics - A collection of reports that display the accessed content and their sources along with the SharePoint sites and other enterprise systems where this content is located, during an ad-hoc time interval.  (Enterprise systems can be integrated through the BA Insight Indexing Connectors).
  • Search Diagnostics - A collection of reports that focus on the lowest-rated interactions and queries, during an ad-hoc time interval.
  • Visual Refiners Analytics - A collection of reports that focus on the use of refiners and the related user experience.
  • Smart Previews Analytics - A collection of reports that focus on previews and workspace usage and the related user experience.
  • Custom Reports - Our flexible and powerful reporting engine allows for easy creation of custom reports against a wide variety of SharePoint data, allowing flexibility in driving to the specific analytics important to your organization.

Use Smart Analytics for SharePoint to:

Increase user engagement

Are you able to easily determine if all of your employees reviewed the latest posted safety procedures? What if most of your users only access your intranet to view today’s lunch menu? These are common problems faced by intranets that lack engagement and adoption. Identifying these issues, and correcting them, does not have to be difficult. Smart Analytics for SharePoint provides specific reports and easy to understand visualizations that identify challenges, allow for specific strategies to drive engagement, and benchmark performance.

Validate that SharePoint is delivering results

SharePoint is a significant investment for organizations, involving teams from multiple departments, varied stakeholders, and impact to the majority of users. That level of commitment requires a deep understanding of the results being delivered by the platform. With Smart Analytics for SharePoint, it becomes easy to show the impact and value being delivered to your organization.

Improve performance and satisfaction

Many SharePoint deployments aim to provide increase efficiency in the management of, and interaction with, organization content. The only way to accurately measure the efficiencies offered by the platform is to see how users interact with the system, how they consume and share content, and how they deal with not finding the correct information. Smart Analytics for SharePoint captures and reports on this end-user activity, effectiveness of the search system, and the methods in which users access and collaborate on content. This information provides key data that can show issues with performance, content organization, or overall findability/ease of use.

SharePoint Analytics Comparison

Product Features and Capabilities

Smart Analytics

Google Analytics Standard

Standard reporting for web

Advanced reporting

Real-time reporting available

Standard JavaScript tags

Visitor-level data available

Every report available in real-time by default

Real-time reports available without any pre-configuration

Real-time report customization

Unlimited volume

Clients own their data and determine how it is used

Standard reports available within minutes

Standard SharePoint Analytics available out of the box


Key Benefits of Using Data and Analytics

Recent survey data captured by KPMG, and documented here, shows the key benefits of using data and analytics.

Key Benefits of SharePoint Analytics

Smart Analytics was designed from the ground up to address each of these key benefits.