LiveLink Connector for SharePoint

OpenText LiveLink is part of the OpenText Content Suite, which facilitates an agile information governance strategy designed to reduce risk and mitigate the cost of growing volumes of content in the enterprise – freeing strategic CIOs to focus on using information to drive growth and innovation.

IOpenText can be deployed and managed in the optimal way for your organization. It is available on premises, across mobile devices, and in the cloud.  OpenText Content Suite is a set of enterprise content management (ECM) technologies including a platform to unite capture, document and records management, workflow, search and archiving as well as applications and add-ons such as email, eDiscovery, auto-classification, contract management and engineering document management.

With the OpenText LiveLink Connector for SharePoint, users are able to search both LiveLink and SharePoint with a single query.  Security defined in LiveLink is automatically reflected in the search experience, which ensures that users only see content for which they are authorized. Ultimately, users can find everything they need in one place.

OpenText LiveLink Connectors for SharePoint

The connector indexes LiveLink content in much the same way as native SharePoint content, supporting both full crawls and incremental crawls.

Our OpenText LiveLink Connector for SharePoint leverages our Connector Framework to provide capabilities that are difficult and time consuming to implement in custom solutions:

  • 1
    High indexing throughput to reduce the time it takes for new content to be searchable.
  • 2
    Minimizes the impact on the source system so LiveLink performance is not diminished.
  • 3
    Only surfaces the content that users are permitted to see.
  • 4
    LiveLink retains the master information and the search index has only a representation (pointers). Users expect to click on a search result and be working on the original item or document.

Future-proof your investment for new SharePoint versions and O365

With each successive version of SharePoint, Microsoft extends its core capabilities, and the same is true of new releases of the OpenText LiveLink. BA Insight does the hard work of keeping the connector up to date for both LiveLink and SharePoint. In addition, the OpenText LiveLink Connector for SharePoint also supports O365 through Cloud SSA as well as current versions of SharePoint including 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office365.

The upgrades can be done by your IT organization. It is a matter of accessing the BA Insight customer portal, downloading the latest release and installing and configuring it.  Or, if desired, our professional services team can handle the upgrades.