HP Consolidated Archive Connector for SharePoint


HP Consolidated Archive helps organizations secure and govern enterprise data, including email, files, IM, social media and other data sources, to achieve compliance, mitigate risk, and increase IT efficiency and legal preparedness.

It is also referred to as HP Autonomy Enterprise Archive, Autonomy Consolidated Archive (ACA), Autonomy Enterprise Archive Solution (EAS), or Zantaz, and has become a mainstay system for eDiscovery at firms across the globe.

HP Consolidated Archive provides several key benefits:

  • Unified, intelligent information archiving: Identify, manage, and control most data types across enterprise repositories to support compliance, litigation readiness, and IT efficiency.
  • Advanced analytics: Expedite searches and gain greater insight from a broad range of content types and information sources.
  • Storage optimization: Reduce investments in storage and hardware by decreasing your information footprint through de-duplication and other data reduction technologies.
  • eDiscovery responsiveness: Robust identification, legal hold, processing, and export capabilities are integrated to accurately and efficiently identify potentially responsive data.
  • Greater data access: Maintain anytime/anywhere connectivity and control over data assets with an intuitive end-user interface for search and access across most devices.

Many organizations take advantage of SharePoint as their knowledge management and enterprise search platform. Integrating HP Consolidated Archive with SharePoint makes it easier for employees throughout the organization to find important information stored in the Consolidated Archive without the need to directly log in and perform a separate search.

BA Insight’s HP Consolidated Archive for SharePoint Connector securely indexes both the full text and metadata of documents in archives into SharePoint’s search engine, enabling a single searchable result set across content from multiple repositories. This allows organizations to tap into the wealth of information accessible within Consolidated Archive, SharePoint and other repositories , and make that data instantly actionable to users through search. 

The Consolidated Archive Connector honors the security of the source application and provides both full and incremental crawls so the users have the latest information available to them all the time.

HP Connectors for SharePoint

The BA Insight Consolidated Archive Connector provides full security and operates at high throughput to minimize crawl times while maintaining a low performance impact on the system. It only requires read access, and there is no need to install client software on any HP server. This results in seamless and simultaneous access to all content stored in HP Consolidated Archive.

Our HP Consolidated Archive Connector for SharePoint:

  • 1
    Provides security trimming, only surfacing the content that users are permitted to see.
  • 2
    Minimizes the impact on the source application, ensuring no impact to its performance.
  • 3
    Provides both full and incremental crawls so users have the latest information.
  • 4
    Indexes every desired item with a very high throughput, minimizing the impact on HP Consolidated Archive’s performance.
  • 5
    Provides a single consolidated search index referencing Consolidated Archive content, along with content from SharePoint and other repositories, resulting in a single unified result set.
  • 6
    After Consolidated Archive is crawled, the search index has uses a representation pointing to the original content. This enables the users to click on a search result and be taken to the original item or document.
  • 7
    Works with all types of data.


Future-proof your investment for new SharePoint versions and O365

With each successive version of SharePoint, Microsoft extends its core capabilities, and the same is true of new releases of the HP Consolidated Archive.  BA Insight does the hard work of keeping the connector up to date for both HP Consolidated Archive and SharePoint. In addition, the Consolidated Archive Connector also supports O365 through Cloud SSA and current versions of SharePoint on-premise including 2010, 2013, and 2016.

The upgrades are easy to do and can be done by your IT organization. It is a matter of accessing the BA Insight customer portal, downloading the latest release and installing and configuring it.  Or, if desired, our professional services team can handle the upgrades.

Drive Organizational Productivity

By connecting HP Consolidated Archive applications and applications to SharePoint, you increase adoption of your intranet, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.