breaking the enterprise search immaturity cycle: consumerizing enterprise search to achieve return on value

We live in an information age. Data generation is exploding. According to Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google Corporation, "There was 5 Exabytes of information created from the dawn of civilization through 2003, but that much information is now created every 2 days, and the pace is increasing."

The large enterprise is not immune to this phenomenon. Not only are corporations experiencing exponential growth in the volume of information they have under management, but they are also adopting new business systems at a rapid rate. The result is that modern organizations now manage an increasing number of burgeoning and unwieldy data repositories, both on premise and in the cloud. Organizations which recognize that this information represents a huge corporate asset and which correspondingly seek a means to allow their knowledge workers to leverage this can gain significant competitive advantage.

This Whitepaper shares why Enterprise Search can be your key for gaining easy access to this wealth of information.